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PMDF V6.8 Patches & Enhancements

Recommended Patches


    ECO:           PMDFSHR.EXE
    Description:   Corrects random accvios starting some services
    Release date:  20-DEC-2020
    Platforms:     OpenVMS
    Version:       PMDF V6.8

    This ECO increases the pthread stack sizes allocated for processes created by the dispatcher (SMTP servers, POP3 servers, etc). Some services would previously accvio on startup.

    For licensing purposes, the release date of this patch is 18-DEC-2020 19:18.

    Download PMDFSHR-201221-I64.ZIP for OpenVMS I64
    Download PMDFSHR-201221-ALPHA.ZIP for OpenVMS Alpha

  2. pine and pico

    ECO:           pine & pico
    Description:   Provides 64-bit versions of pine and pico
    Release date:  9-AUG-2021
    Platforms:     Linux
    Version:       PMDF V6.8

    The versions of pine and pico that shipped with PMDF V6.8 were inadvertently not 64-bit versions of PMDF. This kit contains 64-bit replacement images.

    To install, simply unzip the .zip file into /pmdf/bin/

    Download for Linux

Security Patches

  1. OpenSSL 1.1.1w for PMDF V6.8

    ECO:           OpenSSL 1.1.1w support
    Description:   Upgrade OpenSSL from 1.1.1c to 1.1.1w
    Release date:  12-SEP-2023
    Platforms:     Linux
    Versions:      V6.8

    Download for Linux

    Note: Updates will not be available for OpenVMS.